Audiology Service

We have partnered with Blackberry Hearing to provide an Audiology service for our patients. Aisling Higgins (MSc Audiology) is our resident Audiologist who can answer any of your queries.

  • Free Hearing Test
  • Consultations
  • Hearing Aid Fittings & Adjustments
  • Free PRSI Grant Check

  • Meet our Audiologist Aisling Higgins (MSc Audiology)

    Aisling is a Wexford native & graduated with a MSc in Audiology from University College Cork.

    Aisling also specialises in paediatric hearing assessments.

    Our Hearing Test

    We offer a full Pure Tone Audiometry test complete with a full Audiogram.
    The Audiologist will provide you with a headset and ask you to press a button when you can hear a sound through the headset. The results of your hearing test are documented in an Audiogram.

    The Audiogram shows frequency levels for both the left & right ear and highlights any hearing loss you may be experiencing.

    The hearing test will normally take between 30 - 45 minutes in total.

    Meet our Audiologist Aisling & our team on our clinic page here

    Aisling Higgins (MSc Audiology)

        049 437 2077